The charm lure

During my many years of fishing, I have never had a fetish lure. At most, some preferences for mythical artificial baits like the famous Rapala redhead for seabass trolling on the French Atlantic coast, or the Rasta color popper for big Polynesian jacks. These lures brought me a few catches from time to time, but have never demonstrated an unfailing efficiency.

But today I can say that I found a fish magnet in the form of a small sardine-colored jig: 1 1/16 oz and 3 5/32 in of lead equipped with a triple hook. Simplicity to any test.

I used it to throw from the shore as well as jigging from a boat 5 times since its purchase a couple of weeks ago. Results: 2 king mackerel, 3 almaco jacks, 4 bonitos, 3 tilefish, 1 red grouper, 3 mangrove snappers, 1 jack crevalle, 5 porgies, 1 triggerfish, 7 blue runners and counting.

It seems that this little lure has something universal, because it works by any type of weather, at all depths, with a multitude of different actions and it can catch a very wide variety of species.

Of course, after a short use the poor jig shows already some signs of age and bears the attack marks from small to large predators of Florida waters. But it is still as effective as the a new one and its efficiency far surpasses all the hard baits I have possessed.

Now, my only fear is to lose this little jewel during a future fishing trip ...

My best jigging / casting lure ever!

My best jigging / casting lure ever!