Focus on the Spiral Twist Knot


This fishing knot was designed by O’Khaen, mostly for vertical jigging and slow pitch jigging.

Its purpose is to link a braided or PE main line to a fluorocarbon leader, without the complexity of the FG Knot or the need to use a device like the PR Bobbin Knot.

This is an easy to make fishing knot that goes perfectly through the guides of the rod, and it has been measured to hold 97 percent of line strength if properly made. It is by far the easiest / strongest / prettiest knot you can learn to connect braid to fluoro.

This is a step by step guide to tie the Spiral Twist fishing knot with some useful tips.

With some practice, the half-hitches are easy and fast to make, even on a moving boat…

Try the Spiral Twist, you’ll never come back to another braid-fluoro knot !