I practiced apnea and free diving for years, and all this time I wondered how to make these beautiful circular air bubbles that some divers make with talent.

And then I had a reveal during a training session: a little different mouth shape, a quick push of the air in the cheeks, a subtle vibration when expelling the bubble and that’s it. Slowly, the perfect and organic air ring heads to the surface in a retained movement, as if time effect was slower on this silver pipe which gradually widens and reaches the surface in a powerful whirlpool. The thing is so beautiful, so incongruous that I used to think this was a symptom of narcosis.

But this is real, and I now spend hours creating and observing this mysterious physical phenomenon. The formation of bubbles rings is similar to toroidal vortex and is explained by complex molecular movements, created by a set of pressure / vacuum in the center and on the outside of the volume thus formed. But when you are lucky enough to observe this event, the visual magic make you forget in ecstatic poetry all the boring pragmatism of a physical treaty.

So for all those who would one day have the chance to do so: make bubbles!