Smoking Bay

On June 28, a leisure boat caught fire for an unknown reason near Pelican Harbor, north of Miami Bay.

A view of the boat on fire from North Miami

A view of the boat on fire from North Miami

7 News said that the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue has tried by all means to extinguish the fire, watering the brazier from several angles of attack.

What I could see was very different: yes, several fire boats and an helicopter were present around the fire, but when an explosion occurred and turned the small incident into a big mess everyone put away the hoses. An large column of black smoke then rose above the bay, reaching downtown a few minutes later, carried by the northwest wind.
How many pollutants escaped from the bonfire when all the observers let it slowly burn and die?

The media announce that no victim is to be deplored. I say that if a burned bbq chicken or a cigar smoke can give cancer, the bay took that day a good dose of carcinogenic particles. No victims? Hey?