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O'Khæn is a french-born oceanic polymath who lives and works in Florida since 2014. His fields of interest go from arts (sculpture, drawing, painting, music, writing, video, photography) to science (biology, environment, architecture, technology, ichthyology, malacology) and culture (aquatic sports, food, history, traveling).

Specialized in Biodiversity, Doctor of Visual Arts and Advocate of the Oceanic Life, he acts to alert people about environmental issues and share a message against the degradation of marine ecosystems, mostly using arts as a media.



2012, PhD in Visual Arts, Bordeaux 3 university, thesis on Art and Biodiversity

2011, Independent Malacology Expert, Bazas, France

2009, Master's degree in Art, Bordeaux 3, France

2009, Conchology Expert and Specimen Seashell Seller, Gironde, France

2006, Fourth year university diploma in Visual Arts, Master Sculpture, Bordeaux 3, France

2004, Landscaping diploma, National Architecture Academy, Bordeaux, France

2002, 1st year in Art & Design, Fine Arts Academy, Bordeaux, France

2001, Federal Surf Diploma, French Surf Federation, Bordeaux, France

2001, High school diploma in scientific series, visual arts in option, Libourne, France

2000, Entering the art class of Dominique "Etna" Corbal, Libourne, France



2016, The Kraken Tentacle, Traveling street exhibition, Miami, USA

2015, Artceleration, Macaya Gallery, Miami, USA

2015, Blossoming beautiesMacaya Gallery, Miami, USA

2015, Gold RushMacaya Gallery, Miami, USA

2014, D'ici eau az'Art, Lallemand Lake, Les Voivres, France (outdoor)

2014, Between earth and sea, Ste-Marguerite island, Cannes, France (outdoor)

2013, Equinoxe Foreshore Festival, Tresmeur beach, Trébeurden, France (outdoor)

2013, Living-Moving artworks, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France (outdoor)

2013, Art and Nature, Renaudieres Pond, Carquefou, France (outdoor)

2013, Festi'Bois, Les Barres Arboretum, Nogent, France (outdoor)

2013, Lifeless Fragments, Photographs, Regional seahouse, Trébeurden, France (solo)

2012, Touquet Festival, Congress Palace, Paris-Plage, France

2012, Forest'Art, Tronçais forest, Cerilly, France (outdoor)

2012, Outdoor paintings, Landes Forest, Captieux, France (outdoor)

2011, Art Week, Cultural House Parvis, Pauillac, France (outdoor)

2011, International art show, Exhibition center, Arcachon, France (outdoor)

2011, International contemporary art show, Exhibition center, Arcachon, France

2011, Art Week, Cultural Center, Pauillac, France

2010, Thes'art, Michel de Montaigne University, Bordeaux, France

2010, Shells, Drawings, Congress Palace, La Garde, France (solo)

2010, Floating installations, La Prade Lake, Bazas, France (outdoor)

2010, Ephemeral artworks, Dodecanese islands, Greece (outdoor)

2009, Natural stories, Paintings and drawings, ACACPP Gallery, Bordeaux, France (solo)

2008, Seagulls Price, Regional House, La Rochelle, France

2008, Fragments of Life, Photographs, Environment Week, Pau University, France (solo)

2008, Evolving plants, All over Gironde department, France (outdoor)

2008, Ephemerals, All over Gironde department, France (outdoor)

2008, Malaco, Photographs, Cordouan lighthouse Museum, Le Verdon, France (solo)

2007, Fragments of Life, Photographs, Youth Festival, World City, Bordeaux, France (solo)

2007, Fragments of Life, Photographs, Gardens Festival of Bruges, Bordeaux, France (solo)

2007, Off the dune, North beach, Soulac, France (outdoor)

2006, Vegetal games, Medoc point, Le Verdon, France (outdoor)

2006, International Sculpture Symposium, Abzac, France

2006, Artist's books international exhibition, Nîmes, France

2006, Seashores, Photographs, Nature and environment house, Oleron Island, france (solo)

2005, Academarts, Michel de Montaigne University, Bordeaux, France

2005, Given a Bastide, Cultural Center, Ste Foy La Grande, France

2005, Lithoglyphs, Cantines beach, Le Verdon, France (outdoor)

2004, Marshes, Photographs, House of Nature, Gradignan, France (solo)

2004, Creatures, Michel de Montaigne University, Bordeaux, France

2004, Elements, Tourist Office, Le Verdon, France

2003, Shells, Sculptures, Congress House, Le Verdon, France (solo)

2003, Cryptic arts, The Cellar Gallery, Bordeaux, France

2003, Poles, St-Nicolas dunes, Le Verdon, France (outdoor)

2002, Graphics, Michel de Montaigne University, Bordeaux, France

2001, Artists books, Max Linder High School, Libourne, France

2001, Wood'n mud, Conseiller marshes, Le Verdon, France (outdoor)

2000, Etna's workshop, Cultural House, Libourne, France



2009-2012, Hélène Saule Sorbe as director of research 

2011, Meeting with Daniel Bassin, Pauillac, France

2010, Meeting with Marion Laval-Jeantet, France

2009, Assistant of François Méchain, Garden Festival of Chaumont sur Loire, France

2009, Meeting with Nils Udo, international Garden Festival of Chaumont, France

2007, Honor of the High Commissioner of Youth for Fragments of Life, Paris, France

2005, Winner of Envie d'Agir awards for Fragments of Life, Bordeaux, France

2005, Jury's favorite of the Aquitaine Youth Challenge  for the photography project Fragments of Life, Bordeaux, France

2004, Common sculpture exhibition with Alain Péclard, Le Verdon sur Mer, France

2000-2001, Student of Dominique "Etna" Corbal, Libourne, France



2017, Bahamas - Abacos, Lubbers Quarters Cay

2016, USA - Georgia, Blue Ridge

2016, USA - Florida, West Central Rivers

2015, USA - Florida, Keys

2012, Mascarene – Mauritius, Rodrigues

2010, Thailand – Mainland, Phuket island

2010, Greece – Mainland, Dodecanese, Cyclades

2009, Spain - Canary islands, Tenerife

2009, French Polynesia - Society, Tuamotu

2008, Spain

2007, New-Zealand

2007, Spain

2006, Zanzibar – Unguja, Pemba

2005, Costa-Rica

2005, Cordouan – Offshore lighthouse

2004, England - Cornwall

2003, French Polynesia – Society, Tuamotu, Australs

2002, England - Kent

1996, French Guyana