Sebastien Guyonneau is a french-born artist and naturalist who lives and works in Florida since 2014. His field of studies is a wide space between Art and Science, as his interest go from sculpture, drawing, painting, music, writing, video and photography to biology, environment, architecture, technology, ichthyology and malacology.

Specialized in Oceanic Biodiversity and Doctor of Visual Arts, his life is a perpetual research. Also an avid angler and passionate seashell collector, he dedicates all his spare time to the study of marine life.

Since 1996 he made multiple scientific micro-expeditions worldwide (what he calls Immersions) while continuing to be a visual artist environmentally concerned under the name of O’Khæn.



2012, PhD in Visual Arts, Bordeaux 3 university, thesis on Art and Biodiversity

2011, Independent Malacology Expert, Bazas, France

2009, Master's degree in Art, Bordeaux 3, France

2009, Conchology Expert and Specimen Seashell Seller, Gironde, France

2006, Fourth year university diploma in Visual Arts, Master Sculpture, Bordeaux 3, France

2004, Landscaping diploma, National Architecture Academy, Bordeaux, France

2002, 1st year in Art & Design, Fine Arts Academy, Bordeaux, France

2001, Federal Surf Diploma, French Surf Federation, Bordeaux, France

2001, High school diploma in scientific series, visual arts in option, Libourne, France

2000, Entering the art class of Dominique "Etna" Corbal, Libourne, France



2009-2012, Hélène Saule Sorbe as director of research 

2011, Common work with Daniel Bassin, Pauillac, France

2010, Common work with Marion Laval-Jeantet, France

2009, Assistant of François Méchain, Garden Festival of Chaumont sur Loire, France

2009, Common work with Nils Udo, international Garden Festival of Chaumont, France

2007, Honor of the High Commissioner of Youth for Fragments of Life, Paris, France

2005, Winner of Envie d'Agir awards for Fragments of Life, Bordeaux, France

2005, Jury's favorite of the Aquitaine Youth Challenge  for the photography project Fragments of Life, Bordeaux, France